We create gifts that use the power of words to inspire happiness and spread kindness.


Our products make inspiring gifts for friends, family and colleagues and are affordable enough to buy for a whole team. They’re also a great thank you gift for a coach, teacher, nurse, service member, first responder, employee or volunteer.


Each of our gifts highlights a word that serves as a little reminder of what you most want to focus on to live your best life. Whether it’s a word to help lift you up when times are tough or a word to help you soar even higher when things are going your way, our products are an outer reflection of your inner spirit and a reminder that you have what it takes right within you.



Our MyIntent bracelets and necklaces allow you to choose your own custom word, whether it's one that inspires you, drives you to succeed, or reminds you of something you want to keep close to your heart.


With CONQUERing, you select the encouragement you most need each morning by popping an inspiring word disc into your ring. Then each time you need some extra focus, just take off your ring and give it a spin to reveal your empowering word to help you conquer your day!


Whether you clip it on a bag or key chain, key2Bme is a constant reminder to focus on the things that make you happy. We've created more than 55 designs to inspire, show your interests, and represent the influential people in your life.